We have been given a unique opportunity to reach South Africa with a powerful message of FAITH, PURITY and LIFE. This beautiful country has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS and has been bombarded with messages from USAID and the UN of condoms, condoms, condoms. They are crying out for a better way.


Enlighten Communications is a leader in providing abstinence education that empowers adolescents to create a new healthy perspective of at-risk behavior.

We provide healthy programs and perspectives regarding teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases while promoting a clear message of abstinence until marriage.

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Pam Stenzel Let's face it. Today's teenagers are in a whole new arena when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.They're facing consequences that teens from previous generations couldn't even imagine.That is why it is so important to make sure that today's t... Read more
Christopher Stefanik Christopher has years of experience in youth and young adult ministry. He’s also a proud husband and dad of four. Chris has served at parishes in the East Los Angeles area and in Pennsylvania, and as the Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry for La Cro... Read more
Molly Sanborn Molly is 27 years old and from Minneapolis, MN, but it seems she finds herself elsewhere quite often. Some of her adventures include climbing the Great Wall of China, floating in the Dead Sea in Israel, going to Nationals for college volleyball, ridi... Read more
Theater off the Cuff COLIN HEARN and DAVID CHRISTMAN make up the energetic comedy duo. website: www.theateroffthecuff.com promo video: MDE112k.wmv Fee Range: $ 1500 - 2500 Colin Hearn was born in Lambeth, London in the United Kingdom. He attended the Guildhall School ... Read more
Kathy Gowler Kathy Gowler - author, conference speaker and co-founder of Closer: Moms and Daughters, has counseled hundreds of teen girls and encouraged moms around the world as they navigate the turbulent pre-teen and teenage years.Her "Help! I Have a Teen Daugh... Read more
Scott Phelps Scott Phelps has worked with youth in San Francisco and Chicago and each year speaks to thousands of teens around the country on the benefits of abstinence until marriage He provides training seminars nationally to help educators and parents effectiv... Read more
Abby Ludvigson Abby Ludvigson has been speaking to young people for over a decade. Combining teaching strategies she found effective as a classroom teacher, along with captivating illustrations, stories and technology, Abby engages young people in her message right... Read more
Doug Herman Doug has a very unique ability to draw you into a story. It’s not that he’s theatric...he’s just very authentic and engaging. Bio Nineteen years have passed since Doug Herman lost his wife and daughter to an HIV-infected blood transfusion. Since the... Read more
3 Steps Back 3 Steps Back is a 30-minute musical for children Kindergarten – 5th Grade giving them tools to empower them around the issue of abductions awareness. ... Read more
Heather Ruesch Heather Ruesch is a Christian Singer, Songwriter, and Speaker who combines her life-long love of music and singing with her passion for sharing God's value of every human life. She's real. Down-to-earth... and digs deep as she engages her audiences i... Read more
Jeff Veley Meet Jeff Veley... He's been seen on NBC and FOX, endorsed by World Peace Ambassador, Dr. Clyde Rivers, and is the co-producer of "The Y Do You Hate Me Anti-Bullying Movement".   Jeff Veley is a former troubled teen turned award-winning you... Read more