Molly Sanborn

Molly SanbornMolly is 27 years old and from Minneapolis, MN, but it seems she finds herself elsewhere quite often. Some of her adventures include climbing the Great Wall of China, floating in the Dead Sea in Israel, going to Nationals for college volleyball, riding her motorcycle around Minneapolis and cliff jumping on the island of Saipan. Her latest adventure took place in Minneapolis where she developed and opened Overflow Espresso Café.


For Molly, life is an adventure and she is convinced that it was meant to be lived that way. She is committed to helping others experience life to the fullest, and does so through her upbeat, laughter filled, relevant messages.

The platform Molly stands on is her own life story. Announcing that she is 27 years old and newly married to a man that lived out the same committment to abstinence as she did. Together, they have 65 years of virginity, and that seems to get her audience’s attention! As one student put it, "She is living proof."

Molly desires to be a role model to teens, proving that it is possible to live above the influence and have a blast while doing so! Her accomplishments are many. Molly served three years as high school class president, while maintaining a 4.0 and playing 3 sports. She was the captain of her college volleyball team, made it on the Dean’s List every semester, and has traveled to 9 countries. She was awarded Elementary Education Student of the Year, and most recently has started a business at age 25. Molly has taken many opportunities to lead and motivate and continues to do so as she influences today’s youth.

Molly graduated from North Central University in May of 2006 and holds a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. She spent the last year developing and designing Overflow Espresso Cafe in Minneapolis. The coffee shop provides her the flexibility to do what she is truly passionate about - travel and speak to youth.

She has spoken to thousands of students in many schools, churches and camps across the country. She finds the most satisfaction in motivating youth to set high standards and wait for what she calls "the best sex" – sex in the context of marriage. Her message is fun and upbeat, inclusive for all, and leaves the audience challenged and equipped, and wanting more.

She is motivated to intervene and end the stories she so often hears from teens whose lives have been severely impacted by their choices in high school.

Though she has most experience sharing the abstinence message, she has been invited to speak on many other topics including foreign missions, Christ-centered themes and entrepreneurship. She speaks at schools, churches, camps, women’s retreats, and has discovered a great passion of encouraging and modeling a life of purity and character for girls and young women. Recently Molly has been doing All Girls Weekend Retreats where she talks about self esteem, modesty, guys, dating, boundaries etc. She has also done a Father Daughter Purity Ball and Mother Daughter retreat. Molly also speaks alongside her husband and together they do tag team events.

What People are saying about Molly Sanborn

"You changed my feelings and how I look at things."
Female, age 17

"Now my goal is to remain a virgin until I get married. Everyone should hear her speak because it has had a big effect on me"
Male, age 15

"I really didn’t know what I was going to do about sex. But now I am completely sure that I am going to wait ‘till marriage. I’m so glad you came! You are my perfect role model!"
Female, age 15

"Molly seriously inspired me and got her message across. The world needs more people like Molly."
Male, age 16

"This year Molly came to our school to speak the day of parent conferences. I had several parents come to conferences that evening and tell me that their child had come home that day and commented on how great Molly was at speaking. One parent told me it opened up discussions about sexuality that she had never had with her daughter. Another student came into conferences with her mother, and the first thing she said as she sat down was, "I am so glad Molly came to our school today. She really reinforced my decision to stay abstinent my only hope is for her to continue to spread that message."

"This info is really going to keep me from making any wrong decisions in the future. It has prompted me to change my personal thinking."
Male, age 18

"I feel more strongly about not being pressured to have sex now."
Female, age 16

"Ever since your talk, I’ve changed my whole view on sex."
Male, age 16

"I have seen Molly handle a variety of audiences from small to large and quiet to rowdy. She can handle it all. She gains the audiences respect immediately by introducing herself and being honest and open with them from the start."

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