Scott Phelps

Scott Phelps has worked with youth in San Francisco and Chicago and each year speaks to thousands of teens around the country on the benefits of abstinence until marriage

He provides training seminars nationally to help educators and parents effectively communicate the message of abstinence to teens. His career is dedicated to helping today’s teens to resist negative pressures and make good decisions for their lives. Scott and his wife Carrie have four children, and reside near Chicago. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University and a Master’s degree from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois.

Scott is the co-author of A.C. Green’s Game Plan Abstinence Program, and Navigator published by Project Reality.

"Scott’s understanding of developmental age, his flexibility, as well as his professional expertise, provides an engaging approach with students on the advantages of sexual abstinence. Relevant analogies regarding the impact of every day choices students make will long be remembered by students, staff and parents. Scott’s non-judgmental approach, yet clear message, results in student empowerment to take control of their lives."

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