Abby Ludvigson

Abby_Ludvigson_small_JPGAbby Ludvigson has been speaking to young people for over a decade. Combining teaching strategies she found effective as a classroom teacher, along with captivating illustrations, stories and technology, Abby engages young people in her message right from the start.

Thirty years old and single, Abby shares
her story of abstinence to help students realize that staying sexually pure is a
realistic goal. Weaving this powerful message throughout her presentation, Abby
inspires students to choose the ‘abstinence advantage’ for themselves. Her Italian
expressiveness and clever humor make Abby a dynamic abstinence speaker with a
message students are sure to remember.

What is Abby’s vision?

• EXPOSE the lies of our culture and replace them with truth using scientific
• EQUIP students with effective strategies that create healthy boundaries,
quality resources they can reference and the confidence to protect for their
physical and emotional well-being.
• EMPOWER students to choose the ‘abstinence advantage’ for themselves
through personal testimonies, candid humor, teaching illustrations, small group discussions and the purity promise pledge challenge.

• ENCOURAGE the teacher(s) to see the value of intentionally weaving the
message of abstinence throughout their lessons.

What is Abby’s story?

At the young age of twelve, Abby attended a True Love Waits Conference and pledged to remain abstinent until her wedding night. Throughout high
school, Abby watched her friends make choices they soon came to regret. Abby
learned from observing her friends’ mistakes and chose a different path. Instead,
she poured her time and energy into community service, missions work and
extracurricular activities and was spared the negative consequences inevitably
associated with premarital sex. Abby received enough community scholarships
and college grants to pay for half her education at Gustavus Adolphus College
(Saint Peter, MN).

While at Gustavus, Abby sang in the elite choir, traveled to Costa Rica for missions
work, visited the elderly in the local nursing home, served as a Residential

Assistant, and built her own guitar. She also spoke at camps and weekend retreats
throughout those four years. Abby graduated Cum Laude from Gustavus with a
degree in Elementary Education.

Abby spent three years teaching in the public schools after college. (Due to
district budget cuts and a high surplus of teachers, Abby is no longer teaching.)
While in the classroom, she discovered the deeply rooted desire to better
understand the issues bombarding our young people today and a passion to be an
active role model for healthy choices.

Abby continues to remain committed to the pledge she made at twelve years
old. This unique testimony is one Abby feels called to boldly share with students
across the country.

What experience does Abby have speaking?

• 13 years of experience as a keynote speaker at church youth groups, public
and private schools, conferences, retreats, and summer camps
• Member of the Speakers’ Bureau for The Abstinence Resource Center in
• 3 years as the Director of Education for The Minnesota Family Institute
• 3 years as a public school teacher [B.A. in Elementary Education from
Gustavus Adolphus College]

What did people say after hearing Abby speak?

• “Abby gave an awesome message, had high energy and shared real life stories.
I just wish we had more than 55 minutes.”

Teacher, Tartan High School

• “Abby’s presentation was research based with real life stories. She had
excellent visuals and great rapport with the students. We will be booking her
next spring!”

Teacher, Chaska Middle School West

• “Abby’s energy was awesome! She made good connections with the students

and used good analogies throughout her presentation. She layered her
information very well and it all reinforced what is being taught in this health

Teacher, Park Center High School

• “Abby spoke at our retreat. There were over 75 of us and by the end of the
weekend, she knew all of us by name.”

Lindsay, 12 yrs old

• “After hearing Abby speak I promised myself I wouldn’t have sex until I was

Jason, 13 yrs old

• “It was really engaging and we all could relate to her. She used words we could

Female, 16 yrs old

• “Her message hit me hard and has changed my thinking – I’m choosing
secondary virginity.”

Male, 16 yrs old

• “My daughter’s eyes were opened (in the right way) and I thank you for being
the role model you are and sharing this message with others. I appreciate

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