Doug Herman

Doug has a very unique ability to draw you into a story. It’s not that he’s theatric...he’s just very authentic and engaging.


Nineteen years have passed since Doug Herman lost his wife and daughter to an HIV-infected blood transfusion. Since then, Doug has authored 5 books, 3 DVDs, logged over 3500 public school assemblies worldwide, and launched his Pure Revolution conferences for families. His dramatic speaking and story-telling skills have placed him before concert audiences and national youth gatherings.

Doug has a very unique ability to draw you into a story. It’s not that he’s theatric...he’s just very authentic and engaging. His tragic personal story uniquely blends with his great sense of humor to inspire you along a dramatic journey you’ll never forget. If you’ve ever gone through an experience that winded your faith, Doug will bring you to a place of hope and strength.

You attended a Christian event to be inspired, receive the truth, and hear the heart of God. Well…for once you won’t just hear the heart of God; you’ll watch it, feel it, laugh with it, and taste the salted tears that it provokes.



Are you hurting from a recent tragedy? Disillusioned with God? Doug Herman was both after losing his wife and two-year-old daughter to AIDS as a result of an HIV-infected blood transfusion. He encountered ostracism from his church, the loss of his profession, and anger at God.

FaithQuake is the amazing story of how he came through this experience-and rebuilt an even stronger faith. Using the analogy of a plant in a dry spell, when its roots are forced to drive deeper in search of water, Doug explains how faithquakes force us to dig deeper into our faith, to question, and to grow.

Practical and compassionate, Doug will guide you to make sense of your pain, heal your wounds, and become closer to God along the way.

IMAGO DEI – Understanding Why Saying "No" Is Not The Point

Ever Wondered...
Why marriage is between a man and a woman only?
If God made Adam complete, why it was not good for him to be alone?
Why our self-image is distorted if we are the reflection of a perfect God?
If you are tired of the Sunday School answers, Doug Herman offers a refreshing perspective of truth.

In Matthew 19, Jesus reveals a deep truth that we’ve all heard but never understood. Genesis holds the key to understanding the theology of the body, your soul, and marriage. Doug colorfully unpacks this truth, revealing our divine design and identity. Join Doug in this dramatic presentation as he investigates one of life’s greatest mysteries: how we are formed with a purpose that reflects the image of God.

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