Pam Stenzel

Pam Stenzel

Pam LOVES THIS GENERATION! I love hearing about your SUCCESS and your STRUGGLE! I love the Ocean, A great BOOK, BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, and sometimes even Hockey :)!

Pam Stenzel, Founder of ENLIGHTEN COMMUNICATIONS Inc., tackles today’s tough issues of sex with candor, insight, humor, and the challenge for young people to make the healthiest choice and save sex for marriage.

Let’s face it. Today’s teenagers are in a whole new arena when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.They’re facing consequences that teens from previous generations couldn’t even imagine.That is why it is so important to make sure that today’s teens hear straight talk…about sex, about the consequences, about the life and death choices that they meet every single day.

Pam has traveled worldwide, speaking in person to over 500,000 young people each year about issues of sexuality and the importance of abstinence-her videos are viewed by millions worldwide. Pam also holds seminars with parents and educators regarding issues of teen sex and how vital character building is in a child’s upbringing.

Day after day teens that hear Pam’s message say “If someone would have explained the consequences I would have made a different choice, but…


Drawing from her personal story, as well as her visits with teens around the world, Pam talks about the consequences-both physical and emotional-of sex outside of marriage. It’s been her experience that, if given the facts, today’s young people are fully capable of making good, healthy decisions.


For years, Pam was on the “front lines” as Director of Alpha Women’s Center, a counseling center for women undergoing crisis pregnancies. Her experiences taught her that before teen pregnancy and STD rates could decline, attitudes of teens toward sex first had to change. Desiring to bring about that change, Pam started speaking nationally full-time and is in great demand both in the U.S.A. and in other countries such as Mexico, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

In addition to traveling and speaking, Pam is currently the Senior Regional Clinic Director for Community Pregnancy Clinics inĀ  central and Southwest Florida. ( She has produced training workshops on Sexual Health and Relationship Education (SHARE) for staff and volunteers working in life affirming pregnancy help centers via BrightCourse. (

Pam also serves on the board of directors for Safe Haven Baby Boxes and directs their National Crisis Hotline (


  • Degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University
  • Served as member, National Abstinence Clearinghouse Advisory Board
  • Served as Director of the Alpha Women’s Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Prior lake, MN
  • Developed numerous abstinence education products. “Sex Has a Price Tag- the Original” video is distributed worldwide and has been translated in 11 different languages.
  • Received the Charleston International Film Festival Gold Award in 1997 for her video “Sex Has a Price Tag- the Original”
  • Pam Stenzel’s public school curriculum “Abstinence by choice” and “Building Healthy Relationships” is used worldwide in North and South America, Australia,
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Africa and Ireland
  • Video curriculum, “Sex, Love and Relationships”, received the Crown Award for Curriculum of the Year, in 1999
  • Pam participated in President Bush’s Faith-Based and Community Initiatives meeting held at The White House, May 2001
  • Featured speaker at the United Nations for “The Summit on Children Conference”, June 2001 and “The Summit on the Status of Women” in 2010 and 2011
  • Guest appearances on national television and radio programs include: Fox News Networks, “Hannity & Colmes Show”, “The Dr. Laura Show”, CBN’s “The 700 Club”, and ABC Televisions “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher”.

What People are saying about Pam Stenzel

“In 27 years of education I have never heard a more clear and direct message to young people. Pam effectively delivered a very important and powerful message to our young people.”

“I got tears in my eyes when you told me and the others who chose to abstain that you thought we had character and you were proud. No one has ever told me that before.”

“Pam Stenzel is a dynamic speaker whose message is one that saves young people from a lifetime of tragic consequences. Pam believes in young people’s ability and willingness to make good choices, if given appropriate information, and are really challenged to save sex for marriage.”
Dan Ziedler, President, Family Life Council, Inc.

“Pam connects and is a powerful voice on the side of responsibility and morality in a culture war that offers kids all too many voices on the other side. She delivers a shocking message to kids – you are not out of control sex maniacs. Waiting has some nice rewards, and avoids some terrible price tags.”
Sean Hannity Radio & TV Host
Fox News, WABC Radio


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