Pastor Amos Gray

Pastor Amos Gray

Amos Gray has over 25 years of experience working with the next generation. As a teenager and young adult, he overcame the world of alcohol, drugs, bullying, and even teenage and premarital sex. He is a straight talking machine giving students insight and information that will inspire and motivate them, but most of all, empower them to push away from these at-risk behaviors that will eventually lead them down the road of darkness, depression, and despair.

Amos also has a passion and desire to see all young men empowered to be men of integrity and men with strong moral values and character to help lead their country by leading in their community.

Amos has spoken to thousands of teenagers, in the United States and around the world including such places as Africa, Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, and Haiti.

Amos and his wife Carol reside in Hot Springs, Arkansas with their two sons, Josh and Joel.

They also have three other children from a previous marriage, Ashley, Alexis, and Amos IV and a granddaughter, Arianna.


Straight Talk Topics

Straight Talk is a series of presentations for students sharing insight and information about at-risk behaviors including alcohol use, drug use, bullying, and teenage sex.

Straight Talk: My Story

At-Risk Social Behaviors: 

Straight Talk: Bullying, Playing the Dozen

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. In this presentation, Amos Gray directly talks about dealing with bullies in your school and community and teaches skills that you might be able to take back the power a bully has robbed from you.

Straight Talk: Alcohol, You Smashed

Straight Talk: Social Drugs, You Tweekin

These two Straight Talk presentations cut right to the main reasons why teenagers turn to alcohol and drugs. Amos speaks to teens, not only with theory in his presentation, but with personal testimonies from his own life and stories of teens in this area of dealing with and overcoming alcohol and drugs.

At-Risk Sexual Behavior

Straight Talk: Sex, Why Pay the price?

Straight Talk: Virginity, Wait Really?

Straight Talk: Renewed Virginity, A Renewed Me

Straight Talk: STD’s- Can’t Happen to Me

This generation is bombarded with sexual images and sexual music every day and the temptation to engage in at-risk sexual behavior is off the chart. In these four presentations, Amos Gray gives Straight Talk about sex, STDs, virginity, and renewed virginity. These presentations will give students valuable information that provides the strength and the courage to overcome temptations to engage in at-risk sexual behavior.

Schoolhouse Life

Straight Talk- The Pressures in Life

Straight Talk- Building Healthy Relationship 

Straight Talk- Building a Healthy Character

Straight Talk- Education, Get Yours

Straight Talk- Integrity- Who Are You?

Life as a teenager can be very difficult in school and often trying from time to time. Most teenagers are filled with the pressures of life, whether from home, school, or in the community. In these presentations, Amos Gray gives Straight Talk about the pressures in the life of a teenager, building healthy relationships, developing healthy character, staying focused on your education, and believing that integrity is all you have. Amos will take students on a journey of understanding to help develop themselves, strengthen themselves, and build healthy relationships to succeed in school and life.

For Boys Only

Straight Talk: Man Up, You Are The Man

Straight Talk: Leadership

Are young men in our world today struggling for guidance and direction? In these two presentations, Amos Gray speaks directly to the heart and minds of young men, whether in urban or suburban settings. Amos gets to the point with Straight Talk about calling young men to “man up” in their character, in their relationships, and in their education so that they might become leaders in their community, state, and world where they can make a difference.

Team Sports 

Straight Talk: Teamwork

Straight Talk: Being Coachable 

Straight Talk: Know your Role

Straight Talk: Be Perfect (Perfect Practice)


Leadership Series 

Amos is available to speak on the topics listed below. To further enhance your event experience, Amos is available for a thirty-minute call with your leadership team to create customized messaging that specifically addresses the current needs of your team.

Straight Talk Leadership

  • Leadership starts by developing the ability to inspire people toward a goal, even when you are not their boss
  • Leadership is more about influence than position
  • Great leaders understand they are there to serve the team
  • Leaders understand the importance of shining the light on others
  • When things are bad, own it; when they are good, share the credit
  • When you’re a leader, it’s not about you—it’s about the team
  • Leading lions when you feel like a lamb

Motivational Talks

  • The greatest ability is likeability
  • Build relationships, don’t burn bridges
  • Learning to get along with people is critical, even when they think differently than you
  • When times get tough, you can’t waiver
  • You can’t do it all by yourself
  • Personal relationships are powerful
  • Turn your fears into fuel
  • Turning your pain into purpose
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